Prince Daddy & The Hyena - Adult Summers

10.21.15 · Counter Intuitive Records · CIR015

Re-issue on vinyl.

"The positive nihilism throughout this record is something that at least for me seems to be new and refreshing. It is refreshing to see a DGAF attitude that is warm and fuzzy while still being really serious and introspective. It is almost like PDaddy is putting up a front to their listener that they don’t care and just wanna smoke, drink and fuck up the police, but actually there is more depth to them if you care to look." - Celebrity Punk House

"Their music is fast, loud, and weird… In a good way. A very good way. Amidst the aggression, there’s a cavalcade (yes, a cavalcade) of really impressive and beautiful guitar work, not to mention the myriad of other creative noises peppered into the mix. At any rate, Prince Daddy & co. are pushing the limits of whatever genre they’re defying. In order to truly describe this band, you’ll probably just need to use the word “party.”" - Buffablog