Graduating Life - An Introduction To Rock & Roll

07.07.17 · Counter Intuitive Records · CIR017

"An Introduction To Rock & Roll" by Graduating Life is an anthemic rock experience, an absolute masterpiece of an album that chronicles Bart Starr's life after he made the decision of quitting his job to become a full time musician. This product comes after a year of touring, managing a relationship with his long term partner & now fiance while on the road, needing government benefits to eat, & dealing with the lingering doubt that music usually isn't forever & that he will likely one day have to give up on his dreams. How can you give up on the only dream you truly care about? He gives us an honest, desperate, heartfelt look into his life, the life of a "millennial" who strives to live rather than slave away behind a desk or at a minimum wage job.

Through the highs and lows, Bart isn't afraid to be honest about the many institutions, ways of thinking, & people that he believes have fucked up himself & this country. Whether it's the church for their failed indoctrination of him, a country that has issues with killing by race, a type of person that cares more about showing off their life online rather than pursuing their nonexistent passions, or the fact that life is truly, inherently, pointless.

With the acceptance that the search for meaning in life is ultimately futile, death is a heavy, frequent topic that can be concluded to be the final experience of our lives. With that realization Bart concludes that we need to be focusing on what can give our lives any value, and that can only be measured by feeling. The feelings we have living with our loved ones, pursuing our passions, creating & holding on to the memories we will keep in our hearts. A lot of the best parts of our short lives will fade with time. "Being happy seems like a lie, that we believe but don't know why." So, if being happy truly isn't a long term obtainable state of being, what are we missing out on while chasing the future promise of happiness?