Kississippi - We Have No Future, We're All Doomed

11.20.15 · Counter Intuitive Records · CIR023

Reissue on tapes

"Kississippi’s We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed is an EP about trying, and failing, and trying again to breech the space between the self and The Other. It’s not entirely clear who’s on the receiving end of these efforts; Zoë Allaire Reynolds’ lyrics might be about friends or lovers or parents or any of the number of people in our lives that we will hold close and push away almost as easily. All of the songs on We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed allude to this self-perpetuating distance, but the most pointed reference surfaces in “Googly Eyes,” when Reynolds sings: “In the backseat of Max’s car/ Philadelphia gobbles up the stars/ A thousand miles from where you are/ If my arms were long enough I’d reach that far.” All of these expressions of emptiness, the clever ways that Reynolds illustrates the space between, are just relatable filler for words that come less easily: I love you, I miss you, I wish things were different." - Stereogum

"From its reverb-soaked vocal passages, to its mesmeric guitar melodies, intertwining in the laziest, simplest of manners, We're All Doomed indeed feels dreamlike. In the vein of other bands who perform this sort of sad, danceable pop, thoughtfully exhibiting and eliciting vague, introspective ramblings of the past, Kississippi, too, do justice to all the teen dreams, the teenage feelings. Each of the songs, from Unkempt Leather to closer Greyhound, build quite similarly. Guitarist Colin Kupson loops a simple guitar passage, often light and bouncy, which repeats itself throughout the track with little to no variation. Singer Zoe Reynolds floats into the mix, at times complimenting her slight, though seamless drawl with an equally unenthusiastic backing vocal. Unambitious, restrained. Fucking beautiful." - Sputnik Music