Weakened Friends - Crushed / Gloomy Tunes 12" CIR004


This is a 12" vinyl featuring the bands 2 EP's plus an extra song.

Weakened Friends are a 3 piece rock & roll project coming straight for your heart from The Pine Tree State. They display pure, unadulterated, raw talent over one infectious chorus after another, led by singer Sonia's powerful yet unrefined vocals. The honesty found in these songs is certainly what sets WF ahead of the rest in a genre that is often over saturated with good content.

We had to include the EP Gloomy Tunes on this vinyl. That was probably my favorite EP from 2015. Just listen to the song Honestly. Seriously, listen to it right now. Combine Sonia's voice and riffage on these tracks with Annie's groovy bass lines and Cam's tight, reserved drumming and you got yourself a dang good band, baby!

Side A: Crushed
1. 95
2. She's So Cool.
3. Crshd
4. Blankets
5. Stumble
6. i dont

Side B: Gloomy Tunes
1. Waste (Duck Tape Session)
2. Miserable
3. Main Bitch
4. Won Yet
5. Honestly

Gloomy Tunes Release: 9.15.15
Crushed Release: 7.22.16

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The Duck Tape Session for Waste was recorded/released as a single by Ugly Duck Studios and the video came out sweet!

Limited number of test presses available for purchase. Comes with screen printed cover, hand numbered /25.


Pressing Information

Vinyl 1st Press:
Pink w/ Red Swirl /100
Clear w/ Blue & Red Splatter /125
Transparent Aqua Blue/125
Black /150

Tape: 1st Press
Red /100
Tape: 2nd Press
Red /100