Counter Intuitive Presents: Cosmic Debris, Vol 1. CIR009

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It has been a cool year running this label!!! I can't believe it has actually been this long already. I have been fortunate to get such great support from all over the world for the releases I have put out and so I'd like to thank you all so much for allowing me to play a small role in these wonderful bands existence.

This compilation was built with tracks from current CIR bands, some future CIR bands, friends of the label, and some bands I've looked up to for a long time. The comp is made up of demo's, acoustic versions, live sessions, covers, and a few full band tracks. Every track on here was selected because I truly love these bands and hope you all can find the same merit in them as I do. You may know some, you may not know others, so please give them a chance! CDs were made by the amazing Pavonine Packaging and artwork by my friend Sarah.

p.s. thanks to my dad for thinking up the name cosmic debris

1. Bay Faction - Alex
2. LFSX - Sweater Weather (demo)
3. Hodera - North Dakota (acoustic live @ WPRB)
4. sports. - Words That Rhyme With Different, Etc. (demo)
5. Plainclothes - Under Overcoats (demo)
6. oldsoul - Eyeless (Litter Box Session)
7. Motel TV - Veins (demo)
8. Sleeping Patterns - Choose (demo)
9. Shiver - Peak (acoustic)
10. Toy Cars - Dull (Honest Face Session)
11. dollys - Somebody Made For Me (Emitt Rhodes Cover)
12. Love Under The Sun - Make Sense of My Head
13. Granite to Glass - Between the Bars (Elliot Smith Cover - Litter Box Session)
14. Graduating Life - D
15. Equipment - Boring (acoustic)
16. Tom Stevens - Two Chord Song
17. Board Games - Baseball (acoustic)
18. State Lines - I'm New (acoustic live session)

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